Brazilian Hair is available in wavy, curly or straight textures.

Brazilian Hair is a type of hair referred so because of the processing method and final result and though referred to as 'Brazilian', the hair can come from any country where ladies have good hair. There are two types of Brazilian hair:-Virgin Hair- This is Brazilian hair that has not been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals. The hair is therefore in its natural state and the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction. It is hair from a single donor and its inconsistencies in color and texture have not been masked by color or perming_ It also takes highlights well and withstands high temperature heat styling. -Remy (Virgin) Hair- This is hair that has been chemically processed for color or texture unlike the Virgin Hair. However, the cuticles still remain intact and run in the same direction and therefore it is tangle free.

Brazilian Hair is available in wavy, curly or straight textures. The straight texture has some light waves and so it is not bone straight. The hair holds curls very well and longer that other hairs. Brazilian Hair is highly sought after in the market because of various qualities:- -Softness-High durability-A lot of body/density, it therefore is less likely to frizz-Easiness to blend with other hair textures-Natural shine.

Brazilian Hair is considered a good investment especially if one takes good care of it. It doesn't require special maintenance and it can stay tangle and frizz free for many months after purchasing. It is however important for one to make sure that they purchase genuine Brazilian hair to avoid disappointments. There are various ways to identify real virgin Brazilian hair, one way is the 'wet test', virgin hair retains its wave pattern or natural curl even when wet unlike the hair that is not virgin which feels heavy when wet. Also if dye comes out when the hair is put in water, then it is a sure sign that the hair is not truly virgin hair. The second test is the 'color test', virgin Brazilian hair will always have the donor's hair color, the hair color therefore is not likely to be uniform and will have the natural highlights of the primary color. The third test is the 'flame test', if a small sample of the hair is placed directly above a flame such as a candle, hair that is synthetic will produce a big flame unlike the real virgin hair that is not flammable and will normally produce a smoke and not a huge flame. The final test is the 'grade and texture test', virgin Brazilian hair is not extremely straight or silky, it often is coarse, resembling the hair of colored women unlike the synthetic hair that is subjected to chemical treatment giving it a silky and straight appearance.

In conclusion, though Brazilian hair has in the last few years gained a lot of popularity, it is unfortunate that true Brazilian hair is very rare. Majority of hair labelled "Brazilian" is just curly Indian hair that has been steamed. Despite the misleading label.

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